Technical assessments

Specialist investigations and analysis

Technical projects have intended and unintended impact on its surrounding and always include certain risks. The impact as well as the risks need to be assessed often in early stages of a project. We see for example that in urban areas building construction or tunneling requires vibration impact assessments in advance of construction activities. Adequate mitigating measures need to be studied to prevent annoyance and guarantee a healthy city. 

Geological surveys and quick scans are often needed to determine the feasablitity of a project. Cohere Consultants has the technical knowledge and experience to perform these type of impact assessments and feasability studies. We have been involved in many studies both in the Netherlands as well as international.

- Vibration impact
- Hazard and risk
- Feasibility studies
- Technical due diligence
- 3D geological and geotechnical modelling
- Geological quick scans