Railway vibration control new build

Cohere Consultants has worked on a guideline on railway vibration control new build in the Netherlands. Cohere consultants was a subconsultant of Dutch engineering firm Witteveen+Bos. The guideline helps local governments, projectdevelopers and other stakeholders to prevent annoyance due to railway vibration in early stages of a project.

Cohere Consultants contributed mainly to part B, the technical part of the guideline. Next to that we helped preparing and chairing several sessions in which a number of different stakeholders were present (local governments, the Dutch railway operator, national government and the Dutch association of project developers).

The experience and knowledge of Eliam on the topic of vibration control of new build next to railway tracks stretches over a decade. The experience in performing measurements as well as prediction modelling made him give a valuable contribution to the writing of the guideline.